Mishmash intro update after 3 days

The weather has been consistently in the 70s. I went to church yesterday as I have to in my tupenu, a long skirt men wear, and the king of Tonga was there! You can only go to church, eat and rest on Sunday, the last two being all I ever do anyway, so not too bad. We had a pig for lunch yesterday, full body with hair and all with a giant spicket through it to roast over a fire. Also an umu, a grill dug in the ground, where we cooked lu shredded pork, which means the meat cooked with coconut milk in banana leaves.

All Americans are considered white. If you are black, you are from Fiji. Michael Jackson is from Fiji. As is Michael Jordan. Don’t know how they grasp Obama… Centipedes are HUGE! Oh, and I was fine even with the tsunami warnings a couple days ago. Been lots of training stuff about safety, development, teacher and language training…etc… What else what else. My memory seems shot right now, and I have a plane to catch very soon. Ha’apai is supposed to be all beaches and snorkeling coral reefs, so hopefully will be nice, but will be living with a Tongan family which should be interesting because supposedly even showing some knee is insulting. There was a sexy knee contest a couple weeks ago which is hilarious! But considering my obvious affinity for being naked, this might be difficult.


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